Everything Stops for Chai

CHAI  WORLD, Chennai ‘s  organized Chai retailer, makes a perfectly brewed cup of Chai made with fresh, aromatic, natural ingredients to offices and working professionals around the Chennai city ,

CHAI WORLD have invested heavily to open 50 service hubs in and around Chennai city and professionally designed for corporate. CHAI WORLD is revolutionizing the way Chai is consumed in Chennai. Beginning with the first pilot store set up near MGR University in June 2019, CHAI WORLD has rapidly grown to become the go-to brand for a perfectly brewed cup of Chai with over 3,000 cups sold every day.

In order to deliver on our promise of a great tasting cup of Chai, we source the highest quality tea from tea estates around the country to give you the best brews. Sourced from exclusive tea estates and companies in Assam, Darjeeling and the Nilgiris, our team of professional tea tasters choose the best teas from premium plantations each season, through a meticulous process. The top-grade tea leaves we use are free of artificial colors and flavors, offering you not just great taste but also, good health each time you take a sip.

THE CREAMS, a Parent company of CHAI WORLD ,having more than 17 years of experience in Food & Beverages  has own 6 Outlet in Chennai serving Gelato  Ice creams, Studio designed fresh cream cakes, pizza, Pasta, Burgers and Quick bites.

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Good for Health

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